Recruiting Testimonial Video Customers

Recruiting Customers For A Testimonial Video Shoot

There is no better salesman than a satisfied customer. Social proof is one of the most authentic and convincing sales tools in your marketing arsenal. Successfully enticing customers to become evangelists in person or print can be difficult enough, but add in the challenge of getting them to go on camera for a testimonial video, […]

Testimonials Video Script

Why Testimonial Video Scripts are Such a Bad Idea

When it comes to testimonial videos, the most important thing is to have a product that feels real and authentic. If you’ve been busy rounding up customers to produce testimonial videos with, you might be tempted to write out statements or lines that you’d like them to say. What would be easier, right? Just tell […]

Testimonial video insights

Testimonial Videos: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Testimonial videos should feel natural and organic. They need to tell a story about that person’s experience and portray them as genuine and relatable. I almost always shoot customer video testimonials ‘interview style’ and fill out the visuals with B-roll of the person interacting with the brand in some way. I thought I’d take a […]

Endorsements are everywhere. Even in the grave.

What Makes an Effective Endorsement Video – The Basics

Brand endorsements are everywhere. From Kiss branded caskets and urns (it’s true, you can have one tomorrow if you’re an Amazon Prime member) to Yeezy Adidas, every brand wants to be cool by association. You don’t have to sell death dust decanters or athletic wear to cash in though. Brands large and small have benefited […]