Our process is a tried and true formula for creating compelling, executable and predictable results. The average production time can vary but usually falls between 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity, amount of casting involved, location selection, etc. We’ll keep you informed and engaged throughout the process to ensure the creative is executed expertly and exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to use video production services to develop a compelling message and deliver engaging creative that will increase conversion and create results.

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Effective messaging starts with understanding. Our first step includes initial conversations and research. We’ll work hard to develop an in-depth understanding of your product or service, your competitive landscape, and your goals. We’ll use this understanding to formulate a creative strategy.

Together, we’ll explore creative concepts and hone in on the most effective solution to present your messaging. Whether for a brand video, video testimonial, or any other video content, we’ll craft a script from that message that motivates customers to take action.

Once the script is approved, we’ll schedule a casting session and present you with a range of talent options and our recommendations. If your spot requires voice over we’ll cast voice talent and present the most appropriate candidates. If you are the talent, we’ll give you insight and coaching on how to dress, speak and act on camera to come across naturally.

For animated spots, we’ll create a series of designs showing your video scene by scene so you know exactly what your final video will look like.

For filmed videos and video testimonials, storyboards can be drafted from a mix of stills and stock photography, or hand drawn. Not all filmed videos require storyboards. Our proposal will outline our recommendations.

After you approve the script, storyboards, and talent, we’ll schedule filming. This aspect of our video production service can include, location filming, in studio filming or a combination of the two. Filming may be completed in a few hours to a few days but the majority of our projects require one full day of production.

With the footage gathered in production (filmed spots) or the designs created in storyboarding (animated spots), we’ll build a ‘rough cut’ which is an initial assembly of the footage and deliver it for your review. We’ll incorporate feedback, polish and smooth the video, adding in final elements like graphics and effects after you’ve had a chance to review the ‘rough cut’.

We’ll deliver your video in any format you choose. We generally produce all videos in 1080p HD. If you require 4K production and delivery we can accommodate that as well, but we don’t generally recommend it for advertisements and web video.

We have relationships some great hosting sites that feature advanced analytics so you can track and monitor who’s watching and where they’re coming from. We’re happy to provide insight on how to maximize ROI on your video project.